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Jose-Luis-RodriguezRodríguez is among the most important guitarists of his generation.  Considered the continuation of the school of Mario Escudero, his music is characterized by his capacity of interpretation and composition, which supports itself with impeccable technique.

After years at the hand of his teacher Mario Escudero he recorded his  first album “Andalusí” (1986) for the Organization of American States (OAS) and toured the United Status in a show by the same name. After being a finalist for the Giraldillo in 1990, his career took a differentpath and he began to accompany important figures in Flamenco such as Carmen Linares, Naranjito de Triana, José Mercé, La Susi, Manolo Marín and Isabel Bayón, while beginning to compose music for various Flamenco dance companies. José Luis Rodríguez composed music for Cristina Hoyos’ prestigious Flamenco dance company Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía. With this company his most recognized works are “Al compás del Tiempo”,  “Yerma”, “Tierra Adentro” and “Viaje al Sur”, along with the soundtrack for the film “Despacito y al compás”. In 2011 he relocated to the US, where he debuted “Intimate Spaces,” a new work that pushed the boundaries of flamenco as we know it. This “Nu” flamenco is characterized by a technical rigor that is not subjected to form, but rather is driven by the conceptual frame-work of the topics and themes that transform the space and offer audiences an experience that goes beyond a musical concert. In the same year, Rodriguez recorded “flamenco abstractions”, an experimental work in collaboration with David Font (electro-acoustic musician and composer).

In Spring 2014 he will debut, “Resonancias”, an interdisciplinary project commissioned by FUNDarte Inc. as part of their Knight Arts Challenge Program.


Co-Artistic Director, Scenic Design & Script

RicardoRicardo Rubio is a director, choreographer and flamenco dancer born in Mexico City. He is an Artistic Member of the National System of Art Creators by FONCA (Mexico’s National Fund for Culture and Arts) and a beneficiary of the Program of Promotion of Projects and Cultural Joint Ventures of the FONCA with works like  “In the Depths, In the Body Where Dreams Live”. Ricardo was also the beneficiary of Investigative Projects for the Production of National Dance  by the organization CONACULTA and INBA for his innovative dance project “25 Steps to Reach the Shoe”. In February 2012 the  interdisciplinary performance project “25 Steps to Reach theShoe” premiered at the Dance Hall of the University Cultural Center  as part of the Flamenco Dance Festival 2012 at UNAM  (National Autonomous University of Mexico).The project’s aimed  to bring the public outdoors when watching dance, to alter thier routine of  commonly watching dance in indoor scenarios, to bring the audience into the world of spontaneous dance, and tp give a less conventional view of the world of flamenco.He has traveled on many occasions to Madrid, Jerez de la Frontera and Seville (Spain) where he perfected his dance technique with Maria Juncal, Ciro, Cristóbal Reyes, Manuel Reyes, ‘La Truco’, Julio Príncipe, Manolete, ‘el Güito’, Manuel Liñán, Javier Latorre, Angelita Gómez and Mercedes Ruíz; teachers from whom he received constant feedback and learning. Ricardo also took classes with Israel Galván, Rocío Molina and José Granero to expand on his knowledge in choreography.Ricardo is an interdisciplinary artist well known for speaking of the flamenco in Mexico and integrates it into dance, sound and visual arts. His company, “Inter-flamenca Ricardo Rubio: body expressions of movement” expresses its art with electronic music and multimedia.Ricardo Rubio is an Artistic Member of the National Program of Art Creation and Development (FONCA 2012-2014).
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Marien foto 2Marien Luevano, a native of Mexico, began her career in dance companies the likes of María Díaz, Mercedes Amaya and Joaquín Fajardo, performing at cultural festivals at Morelos and Cuernavaca, Mexico as well as in tablaos such as Mesón de Triana, Olé Sevilla & Gitanerías. She was invited as a soloist performer at the companies of Héctor Talavera, Virginia Diez, Miura Expresión Flamenca, Karime Amaya and the Ballet Teatro Flamenco of Ma.Antonia la Morris where she performed at national events such as the Festival de Flamenco in Monterrey.

Luevano has performed internationally  – in Canada, with Rosario Flamenco and La
Otra Orilla. In Belgium, in “Jóvenes Flamencos de Jerez”. In Spain, with Joaquín Fajardo at the Tablao Los Canasteros in Granada, later Ana Maria López & Angelita Gómez in Jerez de la Frontera at the Flamenco Festival of Jerez. Luevano also performed in Sevilla at the Tablao de Casa de la Memoria, Casa Sol de la Fundación Cristina Hereen, la Carbonería, and took part as a solo dancer at the Bienal de Flamenco 2003. By 2005, she founded her own dance company “El Duende”. She has given dance workshops internationally. Her company has successfully performed in many distinguished theaters in Mexico City, as well as  in the Festival of Dance in San Luis Potosí, Colima, Oaxaca and Torreón.

Luevano has shared the stage with many great names such as Pedro Sierra, La Tobala, Edu Lozano, El Junco, Jeromo Segura, El Lombo, Vicente Gelo, Eduardo Trasierra, David Marín, Antonio Molina and Antonio Arrebola. Luevano was a FONCA grant recipient in the International Studies program in 2003–2005, then in the Interpretative program from 2006 – 2007, followed by the Creative Composition program from 2010-2011.



Cristina HallCristina Hall, born and raised in San Francisco, has been living and performing flamenco in Spain for the past twelve years.  She has studied with renowned flamenco artists such as Andres Marin, Manuela Rios, Israel Galvan, Antonio Canales, Farruquito, Eva Yerbabuena, amongst many others.

In 2004 she performed with Israel Galvan’s company in the production “Torero Al-Lucinogeno” in the Teatro Central of Seville.  In 2008 she embarked on a tour throughout the U.S. and Canada with her own personal creation “El Sonido del Silencio.”  In 2010 she presented yet another production, “Ensueño,” in the Off Bienal, parallel activities of the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.  In 2011 she was a finalist in the “Saddler’s Wells” dance choreography competition in London, England, for her creation “Blackbird.”  She participated as a soloist in the “Festival Flamenco Empirico” at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona.  In June of 2012 she placed second in the “I Concurso Internacional delTablao las Carboneras de Madrid” which then led her to form part of the cuadro.  In March of 2013 she collaborated with Manuela Rios in the production “Consuelo de Penas” in the Festival de Jerez.  Recently Cristina was invitedto perform as guest artist in Vigo and Ourense, Galicia, with the Orquestra 430 de Vigo. This will be Cristina’s sixth consecutive season performing with Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco.



Jose Cortes 2013 PicJosé Cortés Fernández, born in southern France in 1974  into an important gypsy family from Almería. At the age of 10, he began his career in Jerez de la Frontera where he won the “premio del joven aficionado del cante flamenco,” accompanied on guitar by the great “El Terremoto”.
He was immersed in the world of flamenco with the legendary artists such as Pansequito, Camarón de la Isla, Moraito Chico and Tomatito. Since then, he has shared the stage with the best artists, including Belen Lopez, Alfonso Losa, Sergio Arranda, Manuel de la Malena, Juan Ogalla, Javier Serrano, Joselito Vega, María del Mar Moreno, Antonio de la Malena, Mara Martinez, Andrés Peña, Pilar Ortega, Antonio “El Titi,” Juan Carmona, Isabel Gazquez and Manuel Gutierrez. In 2010, he moved to the United States & now works with amazing artists such as Jason McGuire, Ricardo Diaz (and on his record  “Traversura”), Yaelisa “Camino Flamencos”,  Carola Zertuche “Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco,” Fanny Ara, Melissa Cruz, Cristina Hall, Jesus Muñoz, Jesus Montoya, Antonio de Jerez and Pedro Cortés. An incredible traditional artist, José surprises us now by taking his conception of flamenco by making pure flamenco live alongside other genres.



889101Sascha Jacobsen was born into a musical family, going as far back as his great, great, great, great-grandfather, who was a bassist for the Moscow Opera. Sascha has been playing the bass since age 16. His mentors have been Michael and James Finley, John Brecher, Nico Abondolo, and Dennis Trembly, as well as Wolfgang Guttler and Shinji Eshima. He now performs on the electric bass, fretless electric, string bass, baby bass, and cello. He completed a Master’s degree at the University of Southern California, and then went on to teach at Humboldt State University. He has served on the faculty at Laney College and the Sequoia Chamber Music Festival.

Sascha performed as principal bass with the Santa Cruz Symphony, and the American Musical Theatre in San Jose, and as a section member of the Monterey Symphony and the Sarasota Opera. Sascha has performed on the world premier production of Martin Short’s Fame Becomes Me, Recorded on the new cast album of A Chorus Line, and has toured the world with the Argentine Tango group: Trio Garufa. He is a founding member of Classical Revolution, and the Musical Art Quintet which performs his original works. His Jazz group, the Sascha Jacobsen Quintet, released its premier CD Outer Sunset, in 2002, which Double Bassist magazine declared, “shines a light on Jazz that it hasn’t basked in for years.”

Through Classical Revolution, Sascha’s music has been performed at many of the top venues in the Musical life of San Francisco; especially venues not normally associated with classical music such as Yoshi’s Jazz Club, where his compositions were performed by the Musical Art Quintet. As a performer, Sascha has performed at nearly every venue in San Francisco, form Davies Symphony Hall with Diana Krall to the Golden Gate Theatre with “South Pacific” to small jazz clubs and Tango “milongas”.  He is in demand as a performer and a composer with new commissions being sought by Artists , play writes, Directors,  and musicians. and over 300 performances each year.  His group the Musical Art Quintet has become one of the leading chamber music groups in the city performing everywhere from SFO to CODA jazz club to the Legion of Honor museum. Sascha is also a founding member of Classical Revolution and the founding member of Concert at the Collins Theatre, a new chamber music series at the brand new state of the art Collins Concert Hall at Sacred Heart College Prep. Sascha has donated time to support non-profit organizations with performances at fundraisers for Pakistan Flood Victims, and Food Not Bombs.  Sascha is also dedicated to teaching and regularly coaches the student at SF School of the Arts as well as St. Ignatius Prep and talented private students.

Sound & Multi-media Design

Fermin_MartinezENGAudiovisual producer and sound designer since 2009. Focused on the production of sound art, electroacoustic, experimental electronic music, audio and video-process in real time. His productions develop transdisciplinary dialogues between sound, photography, video-art, dance, interactive and generativesystems in different formats such as installation, performance and concert among others.

In 2009, Fermin began his graduate degree in trans-diciplinary work “Transitos” at Mexican Nacional Art Centre. In 2011, he received his degree in Interactive Media from the Catholic University of Argentina. In 2012 participated in the training course as an educator for Adobe Foundation program “Create With Purpose” – Adobe Youth Voices. He received the first prize in the Animation Video Category for his piece  “The Change Is In The Youth Voices.” Founding member of the collective of audiovisual experimentation “Eztul” since 2009 and member of the experimental animation collective “Rotor”. In 2010 Fermín joined the contemporary flamenco dance company “Interflamenca”. His personal and collective work has been presented at national and international festivals, as Asim tria (Peru, 2010), Electrovisiones (Mexico, 2011), LPM (Minsk 2011, Rome 2012, Mexico 2013), In-Sonora (Madrid 2012), etc. He has participated in forums all over the world. His collective work include the production and participation of over 10 different scenic interdisciplinary works, 15 audiovisual concerts and 2 collective photo exhibitions.