Cynthia Sanchez (Children flamenco class)

New Mexican-born Cynthia Sanchez resides in San Francisco where she studies and performs.

She began dancing flamenco 20 years ago and has been captivated by its tradition, passion, beauty, strength, and magnitude of the centuries-old art form ever since. She is also a first grade teacher for SFUSD. 

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marlon Aldana (cajon class)

Drummer and Percussionist born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Aldana is a multi-genre accompanist and educator based in Berkeley California. Aldana started experimenting with Latin music at a young age. Though he began as a self-taught musician, around age 15 he started focusing on Afro-Cuban grooves under Samuel Romero, a Latin Jazz drummer and educator who later became his mentor and close friend.

As a young musician, Aldana exposed himself to many styles, joining as many groups as possible, from Cumbia and Salsa to Rock, Funk and even Metal groups. Aldana emerged with a variety of tools and languages that later became part of how he approaches, expresses and understands music.

In 2011 Aldana received a degree in architecture with a specialty in combining music and sculpture concepts. In the summer of 2012, he went on a bicycle tour with American Folk band “Los Ginger Ninjas”, performing throughout Mexico and the US and carrying their gear on bikes. Seeking musical development, networking and a “new life,” Aldana decided to move to California.

In 2013 Aldana was introduced into the Flamenco world by Maestro Guitarist Jason McGuire “El Rubio”, who became his teacher and mentor. Since then Aldana has travelled around Spain to study with the greatest percussionists in the Flamenco field such as Paquito Gonzalez, Israel Suarez “Piraña” and Paco de Mode.

Aldana has also shared stage with renowned artists such as Legendary Rumbero John Santos, Former Pedrito Martinez pianist Edgar Pantoja, Flamenco guitarists Antonio Rey and Jose Luis de La Paz, Bay Area Bassist Legend Jeff Chambers, Flamenco Pianist Alex Conde, Flamenco Singers Mara Rey, Jose Mendez, Manuel Moreno Carrasco, Jesus Montoya Flamenco Dancers Alfonso Losa, Andres Peña, Ivan Vargas, and many others.

In 2018 and 2019 Aldana collaborated and accompanied the Oakland Symphony led by Conductor Omid Zoufonoun.

Thanks to his career trajectory around Mexico and the US Aldana was granted a scholarship at the California Jazz Conservatory where he will be obtaining his second bachelor’s degree, this time in Jazz Studies. 

Aldana's most recent work is with drummer and producer Juan Manuel Caipo as a session musician in a variety of styles. With J.M. Caipo as a mentor, Aldana is now learning about the music production world, along with better ways to communicate and express clearer as a drummer.

Aldana aims to be powerful, moving and strong but out of the way of the elements in the group. According to him, drumming means always supporting the band and the main question should always be: What does the music need?