celebrating 51 Years of World Class Flamenco

in the SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area!

Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco is one of the oldest dance companies in the Bay Area.

 Founded in 1966 by Adela Clara, Theatre Flamenco was conceived during a flowering of cultural pride in the 60′s that led to the revival of Latino arts; the Company’s purpose was to fill what was then a dearth of Spanish dances in the Bay Area.

Theatre Flamenco was the first American dance company to stage full productions of Spanish dance in the U.S., and is one of the oldest dance companies in California. Every year since its inception Theatre Flamenco has presented a home season of performances in San Francisco. Over the years, Theatre Flamenco has served as a beacon of cultural pride, a reservoir for the diverse traditions of Spanish culture, and a vital source for artistic collaboration.

Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco 48th Season Solo Flamenco

Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco 48th Season Solo Flamenco

“Theatre Flamenco uses a traditional yet innovative approach to flamenco to enrich and inspire the art community and general public. We produce richly imaginative thematic shows utilizing the talents of local and international artists; we teach and mentor the younger generation and maintain strong ties to the traditional dance communities of Spain. Theatre Flamenco’s productions showcase premiere talent, vivid dance imagery, and flamenco’s living lineage to enchant audiences and ignite a passionate response.”

Theatre Flamenco is available for private events and parties. Please contact us for more information!



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Carola Zertuche Centro de Arte Flamenco

670 S. Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110