From 50th Home Season

From 50th Home Season

Challenging yourself can help you progress in dance class. But, you may build bad habits if you are struggling too hard to keep up.

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Oue Basic Class Level Descriptions for Teens & Adults

Intro to Flamenco

This class is for Absolute beginner. No prior flamenco or dance experience.  Great class for Teens/Adults who wish to enjoy the physical and aesthetic benefits of dance in a more recreational atmosphere.

What you learn:  Basic footwork and arms, understanding flamenco rhythms.

Beginner I - 1st ~ 2nd Year

For those who have already taken either the Intro to Flamenco class or similar, this class is the next step up.

What you learn:   This class focuses on mastering the basic arms, rhythms and basic footwork techniques through exercises and short choreographies.  Also a great level for those returning after a long absence from flamenco dance.

Beginner II - 2nd ~ 3rd Year

You will continue developing skills, learning terminology and steps.  

What you learn:  You will be introduced into various “palos”.

Intermediate I

For students with at least 4~5 years of continuous training (at least twice/week) but still need a breakdown.  

What you learn:  You will be introduced to various palos and props - castanets/fan/manton.

Intermediate II

For students with at least 6~7 years of continuous training (at least twice/week) with strong flamenco techniques and understanding all major palos and all props. Ones who are getting use to a fast pace class.

Advance I

For students who have developed a strong solid flamenco technique and can manage a fast challenging class and are looking for solo performance. This class focuses on faster and more intricate footwork. The dancer at this level will develop speed, clarity, dynamics, and the ability to execute to complex rhythmic combinations.  

Advance II (semi professional)

For semi-professional dancers/dancers who are looking for performance opportunities.