Guest Artist Workshops

Each year Theatre Flamenco hosts an array of world class flamenco artists from Spain, making it possible for students to participate in special workshops by these artists right here in San Francisco. Flamenco dance, music and singing workshops have been taught by internationally acclaimed flamenco artists such as Juana la del Pipa, Pastora Galvan, Jose Maya, Jesus Corbacho, Pedro Sanchez, Carmen Ledesma, Andres Marin, La LupiÁfrica "Áfri" la de la Faraona,  Farruquito, Alfonso Losa, Ramon PorrinaManuela Rios, Cristina HallPepe Torres, Gema Moneo, Luis Moneo, El PerlaJose Valencia, Salvador Gutierrez and Daniel Suarez.

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San Francisco workshops with dancer Manuela Rios from Spain June 19-24

Don't miss this opportunity to study with Manuela Rios again in San Francisco! She was a featured guest artist for our 48th season production of "Solo Flamenco" and she is coming back to San Francisco in June.

Manuela Rios is a renowned flamenco dancer from Sevilla, Andalucia, who began her studies with Manolo Marín, José Galván, Farruco and La Toná. Manuela performed at a young age at the La Trocha tablao, at theaters with the Farruco family, and toured with the Fernandez family in international festivals. She danced as a soloist in Japan with Joaquin Cortes under the direction of Yoko Komatsubara. She was awarded as a young dancer from Triana, the historic flamenco and artisan quarter of Sevilla, during her participation in “Triana Viva” in the Bienal of Sevilla in 1992. In 1993, Manuela joined the company of the legendary Cristina Hoyos, and was featured in a video with tenor Plácido Domingo. She won second prize in the contest of the Festival of La Union.

Manuela performed in the Bienal of Sevilla in 2004 in “Alicia” with the Compañía Los Ulen. In 2007, she toured internationally with “Meridiana,” a show with Ballet Flamenco Javier Baron. That same year, she debuted her solo show “De Tablas” in the Festival of Jerez. She’s been an invited artist in the shows of Joaquin Grilo, Juan de Juan, Duquende, Miguel Poveda, and the pianist Dorantes. She was a featured soloist in the closing show of the Bienal of Sevilla in 2012, “De la Raiz a la Punta.” She presented a show of her work, “Consuelo de Penas” in the Festival of Jerez in 2013. She has worked in famous tablaos in Sevilla, and teaches in her home city and abroad, beloved by students for her focus on integrating steps with traditional singing, and her generous instruction style.

San Francisco, Santa Barbara and San Diego Workshops with Dynamic Dancer Adela Campallo from Spain in May 2017 During Her Debut in San Francisco

Adela Campallo was born in Seville in 1977 within a family with a strong flamenco tradition, and she debuted as a professional with her family at the young age of nine. The masters of the masters, such as José Galván and Manolo Marín gave her the beginning of her training as a professional dancer. She perfected her art and personal style with artists such as Eva “La Yerbabuena”, Antonio Canales, Javier Barón, Adrián Galia, Manolete and her brother Rafael Campallo.

Over the course of her distinguished career, Adela has performed in tablaos and festivals worldwide in Spain, Japan, the U.S., Mexico, South America and throughout Europe. She is regarded as one of the most important artist and figures of contemporary flamenco and she has collaborated and shared the stage with artists such as Francis Brunn (the great German juggler), Farruquito, José Maya, El Torombo and Jairo Barrul. Adela has put her personal imprint and style of dancing in a teaching flamenco collection entitled Ritmo Flamenco Rhythm and she is the former face of the BOSE speaker company. As she makes her San Francisco debut with Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco in the company’s first spring season, she will also teach two days of flamenco dance workshops.