Performance Opportunities


Performance opportunities give dancers lifelong memories.

The Performance Class Program presents a stage production to serve as both choreographies and performance opportunities for selected advanced level students enrolled in our school. Selected student dancers will perform choreographies they learn during their Performance classes.

For all levels, we have Annual Student Recital for you to perform. Performance opportunities give dancers lifelong memories! Recital performances provide dancers with the opportunity to share what they have been learning with their friends and families.


Carola Zertuche has created El Rincón flamenco since 2017. El Rincón Flamenco is a pop-up flamenco show at our studio space to provide performance opportunities for professional flamenco artists in the Bay Area as well as world class flamenco artists directly from Spain for El Rincón Flamenco.

Carola Zertuche also gives her advanced student dancers some opportunities to perform at El Rincón.


Annual Student Recital is the highlight of student’s experience each year! Though the thought of rehearsals, costumes, and dancing for a large audience may seem overwhelming at first, participation in an annual student recital is an incredible opportunity that harvests a variety of benefits.


Annual Student Recital 2019

Annual Student Recital 2019

Annual Student Recital 2019

Annual Student Recital 2019