Spring Season 2017

ODC Theater in San Francisco

Guest Dancer Adela Campallo, Guitarist David Vargas, Singer El Rondro @Theatre Flamenco Spring Season 2017  foto credit: Christina Fu

Guest Dancer Adela Campallo, Guitarist David Vargas, Singer El Rondro @Theatre Flamenco Spring Season 2017

foto credit: Christina Fu

Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco Presents “Somos”

Featuring Special Guest Artists from Spain Dancer Adela Campallo, Guitarist David Vargas and Singer Miguel ANGEL Soto PENA “Londro"

Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco celebrated its 51st year with a new spring season at the ODC Theater in the Mission. Entitled “Somos” (“We Are”) and created by Artistic Director Carola Zertuche, the show featured from Spain, dancer Adela Campallo in her San Francisco debut, and also from Spain guitarist David Vargas and singer Miguel Ángel Soto Peña "Londro" in this production that explored the common ground of humanity that is reflected in the art of flamenco. 

Cast: Artistic Director/Dancer Carola Zertuche, Guest Artist/Dancer Adela Campallo, Guest Artist/Guitarist David Vargas, Guest Artist/Singer Miguel Soto Pena "El Londro," Singer Jose Cortes, Guitarist Angel Ruiz from Spain, and Dancers Bianca Rodriguez, Cynthia Sanchez and Radha Svetnicka, 

Show Information:

8 pm Thursday May 18, Friday May 19 and Saturday May 20

ODC Theater

3153 17th Street, San Francisco 94110


2017 SPRING season sponsorS:

Flamenco Journeys

Celia Tejada

Zellerbach Family Foundation

Harumi Lee


2017 Spring Season - Spain Guest Artist Bios


Adela Campallo was born and raised in Sevilla in Southern Spain. Hailing from a flamenco with an extensive background in flamenco (one of her brothers is also a dancer and another is a guitarist), Campallo made her professional debut in her family’s group, “La Famiia Campallo,” at just nine years old.

She has studied with great flamenco artists including Jose Galvan and Manolo Marin. She was a finalist in the prestigious Bienal de Sevilla young artists competition in 2002. Afterward she toured with her dancer brother Rafael Campallo, and was also featured as a solo dancer in a production mounted by flamenco living legend Antonio Canales. She has also collaborated and performed with flamenco artists including Javier Latorre, Andres Marin and Farruquito. In 2007, she was also tapped by the American sound engineering company BOSE to appear in one of its “True to Life” campaigns.

In a recent review, the Hague Online wrote that Adela “stuns audiences with her technical mastery, combined with great sense of intuition and strong charisma.”

A regular performer on the international flamenco festival circuit, Campallo has graced stages throughout Spain and the rest of Europe, Japan, Central and South America, and the United States. She is also a popular and widely respected teacher who has given numerous workshops and classes all over the world. Her collaboration with Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco in May 2017 will mark her San Francisco debut.


David Vargas was born in Sevilla Spain and at the age of 13 he began playing flamenco guitar under the tutelage of Professor Enrique Gonzales. He perfected his studies with the guidance of professional flamenco guitarists including Jose Manuel Roldan, Manolo Franco and Rafael Riqueni.

In 1996 he was a finalist in the prestigious “Giraldillo al togue” competition during the Bienal Flamenco de Sevilla. That same year he was also a finalist in two other important flamenco competitions in Spain.

He has accompanied world famous flamenco artists, including dancers Matilde Corral, Concha Vargas,  Lola Greco, Rafael Campallo, his wife Adela Campallo and singers Lole Montoya, Chano Lobato, Chiquetete and Luis Maravilla.

He is a graduate of the Conservatorio Superior de Musica Rafael Orozco in Córdoba with a specialization in flamenco guitar. He is also a regular performer in flamenco festivals around the world and in prestigious tablaos in Sevilla including Los Gallos, Casa de la Memoria and Casa del Flamenco.


Miguel Ángel Soto Peña "Londro" was born in Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. He began singing professionally at the age of 12 in flamenco festivals and peñas, and he debuted as a soloist in 1992 in the Teatro Imperial de Sevilla with the Compania Chavalillos de España directed by Lauren Postigo.

In 1994 the acclaimed flamenco guitarist Gerado Núñez invited him to join his production “Amor Brujo” in the prestigious Bienal de Sevilla. With Núñez’s company, he also went on a tour of Spain with the production “Yerma” directed by Nuria Espert. After that tour he moved to Madrid to continue to grow his artistic career as a singer for major flamenco dance artists including Joaquín Grilo, Antonio Canales, Belén Maya and Sara Baras.

He has also appeared on numerous recordings, including “Aroma” by José Luís Montón, “Sendero de lo Imposible” by Santiago Lara, “Rey” by Antonio Rey, “Diapasión” by Chicuelo and “Corazón de Flamenco” with Juan Diego. He has also appeared on“Samaruco” produced by Isidro Munoz for the singer Duquende and the special edition recording of “Yerma” by Gerardo Núñez.

His artistry has continued to grow in recent years as he has worked with the companies of the new generation of flamenco talent, including dancers Israel Galván, Andrés Marín, Isabel Bayón, Pastora Galván, Mercedes Ruiz and Hiniesta Cortés, and with these artists he has toured the world. He has also accompanied great flamenco singers in festival worldwide, including Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares, Chano Lobato, Remedios Amaya, José Mercé and Miguel Poveda

His first CD, “Luna de Enero” was produced by guitarist Santiago Lara and was released in 2016 on Carta Blanca Records, the record label founded by world renowned flamenco singer Miguel Poveda.


Guitarist Angel Ruiz is from Cordoba in Spain and he is currently based in Panama. He began studying guitar at the age of 12 with Philippe Donnier  and Rafael Rodríguez (“Merengue de Córdoba”), and he began his playing professionally at the age of 18 in tablaos and festivals. He has toured extensively throughout Spain, Japan and the U.S while performing with a wide range of established and emerging flamenco artists, including Compañía Andaluza de Danza, under the direction of Antonio Gades and José Antonio Ruiz, Isabel Bayón, Alejandro Granados, Edu Lozano, Daniel Navarro, Rafael Campallo, Juan Ogalla, El Junco, Pol Vaquero, Mara Martínez, Pedro Córdoba, Álvaro Paños, Farruquito, Sonia Olla, Nino e Isaac de los Reyes, Javier Latorre, Cristina Hoyos and Jose Antonio Ruiz. 

Artistic Director Carola Zertuche & Guest Dancer Adela Campallo

Foto credit: Christina Fu